CHARLES BROWN – Like myself and many before us, my cousin, Charles – you just know he is called “Charlie Brown, right? - was the son of Louis Davis Brown  He was raised around my Grandpa’s pottery and, like myself and many of our generation, he went forth and did other things with his life – for a period of time, that is. After high school, Charles went to work as one of the full time paramedics for the volunteer fire department, which means he was getting paid.  After Grandpa died, he and Robert took over the pottery operation and Charles spent time at the pottery on his days off.  After he retired from the fire department and Robert moved to Montana, Charles went back into the pottery business fulltime. He modernized the shop, removing all the old equipment and even the large kiln inside and the smaller one outside.  From this start, Charles has continued making many of the traditional items the family is know for and has continued producing some of the French style cooking ware Grandpa made – and of course, face jugs in all sizes – and has added his own touch to the line of wares. And following many years of tradition, his wife, Jeannette, works side by side with Charles to produce the varied line of wares found at the shop. For more information, visit his web site at -
BROWN’S POTTERY - from the inside